Travelling Tea Set

The creation of The Travelling Tea set is a project Art Facilitator and Designer Martha Cashman presented to Churchfield Community Trust this Autumn and she has worked on it with an enthusiastic group of young men at the Center.

The group Designed and Created the start of a Set of One off colourful pieces of porcelain ware that will be held at the Center and once the final firing is completed the work will be made available to the group. The idea behind this interesting project is to promote a Safe Interactive and Inclusive environment where the group can network and develop relationships in the community to nurture options of moving on from the programme.

The group are encouraged to Create a Communal Event at The Garden Cafe where they Plan, Cook and Share dinner with their chosen Guest list, members of the community get a chance to meet the group and can discuss the possibilities of work and social options. The group have on going access to The Travelling Tea Set if they wish to invite family members to come to lunch at the Center where they can promote their stages of learning and closer relationships can be developed with in the family network.

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